It’s time to say goodbye (for now).


With deep sadness, Lucent Movement Arts studio in downtown St. Cloud will be closed as of March 20.


Sometimes in this life we are faced with choices so difficult it feels as if we won’t be able to hold them.

Decisions where every possible option is painful, and there is no clear or easy answer.

In the end, the best we can do is make the choice that aligns most with our core values and supports long term well-being. The pain will be there; and so will plenty of room to practice courage, acceptance, and all of the self-compassion.


Our physical space is closing and we will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time — but this isn’t goodbye forever.


I don’t know what form LMA will take in the future; I do trust something new and beautiful will grow from this.


LMA’s core values are resolute; ALL bodies are worthy of inclusive, accessible, safe(r) dance and movement spaces. Body liberation and healing is our foundation and we will continue to fiercely advocate that message on our social platforms.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each and every single person who has supported this adventure.

From attending classes, to sharing our posts, inviting your friends, buying tickets to showcases. Thank you.

To the members of our beloved community who have shared their hearts, their time, their energy and helping hands in so many ways. Thank you.

Thank you to the incredible team of instructors for sharing your creativity and light.

There is no way to adequately express the tremendous gratitude I have for your generosity and support.


“We long for permanence but everything in the known universe is transient. That’s a fact but one we fight.” - Sharon Salzburg


With great love,



Practical Details.


We will have classes as normal until March 20. We would LOVE to see you in-studio or in Zoom, please join us to celebrate this chapter. 


If you have a membership it has been cancelled and you will not be charged March 1.


If you have a five class pass you can use it through the 20th (if you need the expiration date extended I’m happy to do so, please email).


All drop-in classes will be sliding fee from $5-$20.

In the Mind Body app you will have to select what price you want to pay. The app will default to the lowest price so if you’d like to pay more you have to click the pricing option and select the amount you want to pay.


If you have a gift card to use please email so it can get added to your account and you can attend some classes in the next month.


I ask for patience answering questions as I navigate this bumpy, unknown terrain. I am only one person taking care of everything; your kindness and patience make a big difference. I will be getting back to people as efficiently as I’m able. scarlette.revolver@gmail.com