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Changing the way society views dance and fitness.

As we prepare for some exciting new changes and improvements coming this Fall, it was important to me to update our mission statement. I wanted to share it with you all here... and I'm behind on blog posting ;). We will be rolling out more exciting information and announcements in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned. Myself and the Revolver team are really grateful to be growing and expanding with you all.

Revolver Studios Mission:

We believe ALL bodies should have access to movement; dance, fitness, yoga, etc. Unfortunately, there are many flaws in the fitness industry that make people feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and unsuccessful. The standard is to enter into an exercise program focused on numbers (pounds, inches, etc), a restrictive diet, and the drive to achieve an unachievable body standard...because the truth is many of us will never be “long and lean” (which is 100% OKAY).

This approach is exclusionary to the WIDE variety of bodies that exist - and not effective in working toward TOTAL HEALTH. At Revolver Studios we know health is physical, mental, and emotional. It’s clear that when one suffers, it affects the others. We cannot focus on one while ignoring the others. We’ve observed, studied, and experienced first hand the ways in which diet culture and a body-shame centered society has caused tremendous HARM to all aspects of our total health. Too often leaving people feeling as though dance or fitness just isn’t for them...because their body doesn’t fall within (and may never fall within) the very rigid limitations of what a “fit body” or “dancer’s body” looks like. Causing them to miss out on the countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits of movement.

There is a better way.

At Revolver Studios, we believe in meeting the individual where they are at -- to guide them in building foundation habits for long-term health and well-being. We believe deep down in our toes that fitness should be accessible to ALL bodies. We believe in making ALL bodies feel welcomed and celebrated in the body they are in RIGHT NOW… not twenty pounds from now.

We believe in building a strong community and exercising to make our bodies FEEL GOOD, not to wear a certain pant size. And sure, some students do lose weight, and that’s perfectly okay. We’re just saying, it’s not the driving force behind WHY we move. We know the emotional and mental toll that focus can take, and we know how many wonderful reasons there are to move our bodies that have nothing to do with our outside appearance.

Our students enjoy exercise for the benefits of socializing, stress relief, better sleep, improved endurance, stronger muscles, and our personal favorite -- FUN.

Fun is the greatest motivator, not counting calories.

We also have an excellent team of experienced, highly trained staff who are there at every step to guide you in moving safely and in ways that make YOU feel great. Each students moves at their own pace, and we’re here to support and guide you in accomplishing your goals. Yes, we are here to challenge you (and you will be challenged!) but ALWAYS from a place of understanding and body-positivity. Our staff (and students!) maintain an environment free of judgment and full of encouragement. Whether your goal is doing 15 push-ups, a pirouette, or speaking to yourself with more kindness, you will always have an awesome team cheering you on - through every high and every low.

We want to change the way our society views dance and fitness, and we’re starting right here in our own backyard. We are committed to maintaining a space where ALL bodies can learn and enjoy movement in a safe, supportive, and body-positive environment.


- Scarlette Revolver


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